Our projects


AI for fish in New England

We built a team of fisheries and machine learning experts to create the N+1 fish, N+2 fish challenge, where competitors developed algorithms to automatically count, measure, and identify fish species in video from actual fishing vessels. The open source results will help make it easier and faster to monitor fishing in New England. Project partners included CVision AI, DrivenData, and The Nature Conservancy and funding from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

Improving U.S. Fisheries Data Systems

Intertidal Agency supports the Net Gains Alliance, a coalition working to update the data and information systems that keep U.S. fisheries sustainable. As one of the co-founders of this initiative, we serve as strategic partners and provide project management for the Alliance’s regional and national efforts.

Citizen Science & Policy

We designed and facilitated a discussion at Berkeley Law with legal and data experts to explore the ways participatory, open, and citizen science can be used to make policy decisions. 

A digital data collection guide for fisheries

Based on experience working with fishery managers looking to expand their use of technology we pulled together this step-by-step guide to help match data needs to available tools. It’s CCby4 licensed, so comment and remix it to fit your needs.