If you work with forests, fish, parks, rivers, reefs, or coastlines (and the people who rely on them) we want to work with you. Our core clients include government agencies big and small, foundations, entrepreneurs, and social impact organizations who need data and design strategy to deliver on resilience and sustainability goals.



square one

Got a thorny issue and not sure where to start? We help clients define problems, investigate a theory of change, or explore a solution space. Gain a system-level perspective and generate ideas for where and how to engage.

discovery & design

We’re curious by (and about) nature. With interviews, surveys, design sprints, mock-ups, prototypes, and snacks, we can help you envision software and services and develop a roadmap to implement them.

Data Strategy

If you have to make hard choices about collecting, using and storing data, or if you’re struggling to make your data work for you, let’s get your data a strategy. We’ll help you focus on what data you really need and how to get it.

Program & project Management

Now that you know where you want to go, we can help you get there. From writing RFPs and reviewing proposals to supporting your team through project development, we’re here to keep the momentum moving forward.


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